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PENIFIT's exclusive evidence-based products and services are all natural, 100% prescription drug-free and powered by plant medicines, nutrition, diet, exercise, nature, digital health and concierge health care to optimize men's health.Specifically, PENIFIT optimizes penis health, the #1 barometer of men's overall health to prevent and reverse erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, endocrine diseases (ie.diabetes), high cholesterol, high blood pressure or hyper tension, obesity, hormonal imbalances, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, vascular disease, anxiety, depression and performance related anxiety issues.

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Institute of Men's Health and Masculinities Studies


Men’s Health

Raising awareness of the myriad of issues that adversely impact men’s health is mission critical to opti

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Masculinities Studies

The goal is to optimize the health of the penis, including hardness therapy, men’s health retreats..

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Masculinity Workshops

The Institute of Men’s Health and Masculinities Studies exclusive Masculinities Workshops empower men an

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