Concierge Men’s Health Club

Our clients join an exclusive all male, members-only concierge men’s health club that focuses on strengthening penis health to achieve the your best sexual health, mental health, cardiovascular health, ideal weight, and physical health. We deliver private, convenient, custom online and one-on-one personal training, penis fitness, hardness therapy, penis lengthening therapy, nutrition and diet consulting, health coaching, mental health therapies and sex therapies.

PENIFIT Concierge Men’s Health is staffed by concierge medical doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, psychologists, sex therapists, acupuncturists, personal trainers, health and life coaches..

PENIFIT helps men to achieve harder erections. Harder is better. The harder a man’s erection and the more frequent his erections, the healthier his overall health becomes with PENIFIT protocols.

For men interested in lengthening their penis, PENIFIT offers a complete stamina, strengthening and size lengthening treatment solutions.

PENIFIT Membership

Annual Fees

GREEN $ 99.00 per quarter
GOLD $ 199.00 per quarter
PLATINUM $ 399.00 per quarter

PENIFIT Green Membership includes V.I.P. (Very Important Penis) status for exclusive offers and events, plus herbal green gift pack and coaching
PENIFIT Gold Membership includes V.I.P. (Very Important Penis) status for exclusive offers and events, plus gold gift pack, concierge and penis fitness coaching
PENIFIT Platinum Membership includes V.I.P. Platinum (Very Important Penis) Status for exclusive offers and events plus platinum gift pack, full service 24-hour concierge, coaching, customized penis fitness plans and concierge medical care consultation

Get PENIFIT for penis fitness, personal training, weight management including weight loss and weight gain. Book one-on-one or group sessions for PENIFIT exercise classes.
Personalized one-on-one sessions available at any of our PENIFIT clinics, fitness partner studios and concierge direct to your home, office or resort vacation property.

At PENIFIT, we believe erectile dysfunction and the diseases that cause ED are optional. Get PENIFT for optimum penis health.

PENFIT’s Concierge Men’s Health Club delivers strategic concierge solutions including concierge health care, personal training,
penis fitness, nutrition and herbal therapy, micronutrient therapy, health, relationship and life coaching.

Client’s can book concierge medical consults for a single visit, follow up visit and in bi-annual and annual concierge medical plan packages
with the top concierge medical doctors in America.

PENIFIT : Analyze. Monitor. Optimize.

Comprehensive testing to determine current penis health, sexual health, mental health, cardiovascular health, physical health, relationship health and overall health.
Monitor progress during milestones of personalized PENIFIT plans.
Optimize penis health and men’s overall health through PENIFIT programs.