Institute of Men’s Health, Penis Health and Masculinities Studies Workshop Event and SPA


Location : Online and Beverly Hills, CA
Course : Emasculation Prevention and Reversal Workshop Plus Spa

The agenda of the International Institute of Men’s Health and Masculinities Studies
is to promote masculinity, prevent emasculation, optimize men’s health, penis health, sexual health, cardiovascular health,
mental health, physical health, relationship health, career health and financial health.

We aim to prevent and reverse disease including erectile dysfunction and the diseases that cause ED.
Finally, our initiatives empower men and boys in all areas of life through delivery of enlightenment upon the
fascinating diversity of masculinity. We help men win in all areas of life by optimizing health and maximizing wealth with
the mission critical tools and strategies to help men transcend survive, to thrive.

The Institute of Men’s Health and Masculinities Studies advances men’s longevity, patriarchy and masculinities studies.
We provides academic scholarships, research and grants to further men’s health and longevity.
We sponsor men’s workshops, classes, events, outdoor recreation therapy, men’s health retreats,
male bonding experiences, crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding, and our exclusive PENIFIT social networking for both
business and pleasure that further our strategic agenda.