Masculinity Workshops


The Institute of Men’s Health and Masculinities Studies exclusive Masculinities Workshops empower men and boys with the guidance, information, resources and tools to achieve effective masculinity. What does it truly mean in today’s world to even be a man? Many boys and men find masculinity a confusing and often discouraged state of expression and of being. With absentee fathers, the rise of divorce or the lack of relevant information on masculinity available, fewer male educators in primary years, the need to protect our vulnerable boys from potential predators in a less safe world, misinterpretations of masculinity to include hyper-masculinity and masculinity no longer being systematically taught, masculinity is quite frankly, challenged at every turn.

Celebrate manhood and learn step-by-step masculinity strategies to help you win in all areas of life. Understand and navigate the ever-increasing landscape and relationship or political dynamics that threaten masculinity. IMHMS Masculinity workshops are available online and at members events. Many workshops are free of charge when sponsored by esteemed partnering corporations and non-profits whose goals compliment and align to compliment our agenda.

For more information on upcoming masculinity workshops, please check out our events roster.