Men’s Health


Raising awareness of the myriad of issues that adversely impact men’s health is mission critical to optimize men’s health and the ultimate goal of The Institute of Men’s Health and Masculinities Studies. Most chronic illnesses and diseases can be completely prevented and reversed with sustainable, evidence based treatments including nutrition, diet, exercise, elimination of stress, removal of toxins, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, adverse reactions to prescription and psychiatric drugs and the eradication of ignorance. Our initiatives are focused on optimizing men’s health by creating a community of innovators, technologists, philanthropists, investors, activists, academics, scientists and concierge health caregivers who provide the support, resources, tools and treatments to help men thrive and win in all areas of life.

PENIFIT, our all-natural plant medicine subsidiary focuses on optimizing men’s health, specifically via penis health to prevent or reverse erectile dysfunction or the chronic illnesses and diseases that cause ED.

Key to optimum health include empowering men to learn about the power of natural, plant medicine and offer the resources to avoid addiction, vice and other threats to optimum health including prescription and psychiatric drug dependence or reliance upon medical doctors which often ends in addictions, suicides, chronic illness and diseases caused by adverse drug reactions to prescription and psychiatric drugs which then lead of illicit drug use, dependence or addictions, relationship breakdown, instability, career suicide, stunted career growth, mental health problems, violence, crime, sexual health problems, cardiovascular health problems and physical health problems.

At PENIFIT, we believe chronic illness, disease and drug dependence are optional. We have the tools, team and technology to transform your health into optimum health. Get PENIFIT