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Stress impairs men’s stability and life balance. It is your body’s reaction to any individual, situation or event factors that creates mental or physical disturbance or agitation, so much so that the mind and body perceives the stress factor as requiring even more strength, stamina, resources, capabilities, time and alertness to survive.

Managing life’s stressors is mission critical in the Penfit Men’s Stress Management Program. Stress identification, stress trigger monitoring, stress management, stress reduction and stress elimination techniques that are healthy and sustainable are among the most valuable tools to optimize your health.

Although stress is a normal psychological and physical response to everyday life, what is not normal are the counterproductive, negative, unhealthy and non-sustainable ways that many men may choose to react to stress.

Excessive Drinking of Alcohol
Psychiatric Drugs
Prescription Drugs
Illicit Drugs
High Risk Behaviors
Negative Thinking

Types of Stress

Time Stress
– Worrying about time or feeling that you don’t have enough time to get things done

Anticipatory Stress
– Stress caused by worrying about the future or future events; a dreaded outlook on the future is also anticipatory stress

Situational Stress – Stress experienced when you are experiencing terror, violence, extreme fear, violence or complete loss of control in any traumatic situation. Conflict or loss of privileged status.

Encounter Stress – Social stress induced when you have worries about social interactions or the concerns that you are dealing with unpredictable or difficult individuals

Acute stress – Short term, most common type of stress. Negative emotional responses and physical complications such as headaches, hypertension, emotional eating, etc.

Episodic acute stress – Ongoing and frequent acute stress such as being under pressure from too many responsibilities, deadlines and life work imbalance. Living in chaos and disorganized.

Chronic stress – Long term exposure to intense stressors and misery in work, relationships or life. Chronic stress is dangerous and has the most negative impact on men’s health by inducing diseases, strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, obesity, violence, suicide, cancer and ultimately early death. Dysfunctional families, divorce, financial ruin and the like.

Managing stress effectively fast tracks the optimization of men’s health, prevents and reverses diseases including erectile dysfunction and should be prioritized for overall health and well being.

PeniFit deliver’s men’s stress management programs designed to manage, reduce and eliminate the most harmful types of stress. Our men’s stress management programs are personalized and available via online coaching or in-person stress management sessions at any of our PeniFit studio locations. Client’s receive a dedicated PeniFit Health Consultant that manages every aspect of your health.

Premier V.I.P. PeniFit Men’s Support Network

At PeniFit, V.I.P. is defined as Very Important Penis

PeniFit is the premier V.I.P. men’s health network and support system. Talk to your dedicated health consultant about any and everything which will be held in strict confidence. Share your life, feelings, ups and downs or access a warm, friendly and understanding voice for feedback. Meet new friends and enjoy male bonding events, group stress management therapy and our exclusive PeniFit hosted forum where other clients share and understand what you’re experiencing. Perfect for men dealing with life, work and relationship challenges. We’re on your team and available to you. Expect sustainable drug-free men’s stress management solutions. Discover the PeniFit Men’s Stress Management Program portfolio.

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PeniFit Men’s Stress Management Program Portfolio

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PeniFit Digital Health Stress Management Tools
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PeniFit Tai Chi and Qigong
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PeniFit BioFeedback
PeniFit Massage
PeniFit Auyveda Treatments
PeniFit Men’s Stress Elimination Retreats

PeniFit Stress Management Spa Services
PeniFit Relaxation Therapy
PeniFit Guided Imagery
PeniFit AR Stress Management (Augmented Reality)
PeniFit Herbal Therapy
PeniFit Adaptogens
PeniFit Micronutrients
PeniFit Nutritional Therapy
PeniFit Men’s Group Stress Management Sessions
PeniFit Men’s Health Optimization Events
PeniFit Outdoor Recreation Therapy
PeniFit Aromatherapy Infusions

How we identify, manage, reduce, neutralize, eliminate and prevent stress is the key to optimizing men’s health. Stress is optional. At PeniFit, we have the high tech and high touch solutions to manage stress to benefit men’s penis health, sexual health, mental health, cardiovascular health, physical health and overall health. To learn more about PeniFit’s Men’s Stress Management programs, products, technologies and services and/or to book a Men’s Stress Management Consultation, Get Penifit.